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Meet the California Non-Profits Connecting Veterans with Cannabis

According to the VA, depending on when they served, between ten and twenty out of every hundred veterans has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One in ten were seriously injured during their service, with 25% of those occurring in combat according to the Pew Research Center. Per VA data, 13 percent of the veteran population is currently prescribed opioids. Meanwhile, study after study shows positive effects of Cannabis in relieving and treating PTSD. Your humble author personally uses CBD topicals to treat flare ups from spinal injuries sustained during his service. Yet federal prohibition continues to block veterans’…...

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A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Edibles

There are a myriad of benefits to using edibles to enjoy cannabis. From the lack of volatile organic compounds and monoxides you get from smoking, to the stronger, longer lasting effects, there are many reasons to choose edibles over smoking. However great the benefits, it can be daunting to get started with edibles, particularly if you have read any scary stories in the news, or know a friend who fell asleep behind the toilet. However, there is a safe and easy way to find your optimal dose without risking a couple days in bed.  START SMALL No, seriously. Start small.…...

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BOO! New Strains for this Halloweekend!

Halloween is one of the definitive harvest holidays. As outdoor crops are pulled, trimmed and cured, the state comes alive in autumn hues of green, red, and purple, with new strains and the results of this year’s careful cultivation. Halloween draws many of its traditions from the Celtic festival of Samhain, marking the end of summer, the end of harvest season, and the end of the Celtic calendar year. As a harvest celebration it is not surprising that Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays for Cannabis consumption. (Let alone all the fun costume opportunities). That said, we…...

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Federal Prohibition Turns 80, What is the Science Behind Prohibition?

This October Marks the 80th Anniversary of US Federal Prohibition of Cannabis. In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act became the first piece of federal legislation to prohibit Cannabis. Since then a lot has changed. In 1970, Cannabis was named a schedule 1 drug, placing it alongside Heroin, LSD and bath salts. (Cocaine is a Schedule II drug) One side effect of this long term prohibition has been a to create a research hole, preventing medical studies in light of new advances in science. To put it in perspective, in 1937, the first blood bank was started, paving the way for…...

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Cannabis Technology - An Interveiw with Releaf CEO Franco Brockelman

A few months back, we partnered with Releaf, an innovate mobile application for medical marijuana patients that allows them to track the effects of different medications, including flower, edibles and concentrates. The app not only keeps track of how patients are affected by the various strains, it records both the relief that they provide as well as secondary effects such as dry mouth, excitability, creativity, etc. We got a chance to discuss the development of Releaf and shortcomings in how medical marijuana has been traditionally presented to patients. Who are you and what is your role at Releaf? Hi! My…...

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San Diego City Council Approves Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. San Diego Cannabis Delivery Up Next.

On September 11, 2017, the San Diego City Council heard arguments, pro and con, regarding the future of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution in San Diego city limits. After over fours hours of public testimony, the city council voted to approve permits for growing, producing edibles and extracts and wholesale transportation of cannabis products. A huge showing was made by the San Diego cannabis community, with public statements from The California Cannabis Industry Association, San Diego Cannabis Industry Association, the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance, The Association of Cannabis Professionals and dozens of patients, caregivers, nurses and educators giving their…...

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