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A Conversation With Dr. Raw Organics

100% Organic, GMO-Free and produced with an outstanding sense of pride and responsibility, we are incredibly happy to have added Dr. Raw Organics to our menu, and proud to introduce the mastermind behind Dr. Raw’s edibles to discuss their history, their processes, and what makes them the healthiest medical marijuana edibles in California. (Our claim, not theirs). Hi Meghan! Who are you and what do you do at Dr. Raw? I’m Meghan Muckenfuss the chef, creator and co-owner of Dr. Raw Organics. I wear all the hats. How long has Dr. Raw been around, and how did you get started?…...

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The Lifted Library - A Dozen Books for Marijuana Mavens

September 6th is National Read a Book Day. In observance, we’ve collected a dozen great books of interest to both Cannabis patients and connoisseurs.   A Child’s Garden of Grass I stumbled upon a first edition of the original 1960s version of this book back in the 1990s at a used book store. As a college student who was just getting familiar with cannabis, it was hilariously outdated but informative. The raw bulk of trivia I gleaned from the book proved to be useful banter in numerous smoke sessions, covering everything from the Indica Sativa divide, to rolling joints and…...

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New This Week! August 25th Edition!

I imagine a golden future when we’ll be able to send scents via the Internet. (Yes, the idea of spam in that age scares me). This has been a deep flower week with a few fun edibles and more dog treats thrown in to keep things interesting. But my goodness, the new strains we have right now and that will be coming out in cases in the next week are some of the most ridiculously fragrant flowers around! Subtle Tea – CBD Dreamtime Subtle Tea has been around for quite some time, but they always seem to improve their formulas. CBD…...

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Purple Punch - Marijuana Strain Geeking

One of the great intellectual pleasures of cannabis is really getting to research and know a strain. J From Golden Farms has been growing J1 clones from a single mother plant for over six years now, leading to a deep understanding of how the plant grows, extracts and effects. But even consumers can benefit from learning all about their favorite medical marijuana strains. I had the opportunity to get geeky with Purple Punch, a new strain going out in our cases this week. Overall Appearance and Smell. I photograph over three dozen strains a month, which could make some people…...

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10 Old School Tips for New Marijuana Users

Even if you are not totally new to cannabis consumption, getting reacquainted with marijuana can be a surprising process, particularly if you have not imbibed in the last few years. Advances in distillation, extraction and edible production have created a brave new landscape for the aspiring cannaseur, as previously un-imagined options fill the shelves of dispensaries. To help out, we’ve collected some age-old tricks and tips to help elevate the experience for new marijuana users. 1: Re-hydrating overly-dried flower When containers of cannabis are left open, the plant can become over-dry, resulting in a harsh smoke that burns the lungs and…...

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New This Week August 18th Edition

I love my job. Particularly Thursdays, when we get our deliveries for the week. Our purchasing and production team works hard to have a constant influx of new products, and each Thursday, I get to spend the day taking pictures, reading packaging and writing about them. This week is particularly cool. The SnowCone Pre-Roll A more natural approach than our fabulous firefly, the snow cone is a keif rolled pre-roll that incorporates top-shelf flower, hash, Keif and Cannabis Oil for a magnificently strong effect and with no artificial flavoring. Great for a few sessions, or one great time with a…...

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