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Velvet Purps Velvet Purps

Attempting to fortify the clean, relaxing effect of Jah Goo, Sun Roots Farm back-crossed Jah Goo with Magic Bus (a cross of Jah Goo and T2). The result was a sticky, stunning Indica with beautiful purple accents, a remarkably sweet aroma of ripe fruit and berries with a surprising spur of citrus. But the real winner here was effect. Velvet Purps provides a balanced full body effect that melts away tension with a gentle and pleasant euphoria. 

1/8 Oz $55
1/4 Oz $105
1/2 Oz $165
Oz $330
Crown OG Crown OG

Crown OG offers a very heady and powerful Indica head high that leaves you spacey and lost in deep introspective thought. You may find that you lack the ability to speak and rather lose yourself in your own mind. This mental haze is followed by potent body effects that build slowly over time, leaving you utterly and helplessly couch-locked and completely pain-free. Upon the comedown, you’ll be ushered into a deep and peaceful sleep that lasts for hours on end. Crown OG is said to be ideal for tr...

1/8 Oz $45
1/4 Oz $85
1/2 Oz $135
Oz $270
Cherry Poison Cherry Poison

Durban Poison is legendary for its energetic, almost effervescent Sativa effects, turning wallflowers into chatterboxes and boasting some of the highest THC levels of any of the frequent Cannabis Cup Winners. Throw in the complexity and aromas of Cherry Ak-47 and you have a sweet, strong sativa that is subtly balanced by the indica phenotypes of it’s AK lineage. A happy daytime strain, this is ideal for stress, depression, pain and fatigue.

1/8 Oz $43
1/4 Oz $81
1/2 Oz $129
Oz $258
White Widow White Widow

Named for the frosty trichome coverage typical of the plant, White Widow blew up in California in the early days of medical legalization since it was a recent (and frequent) Cannabis Cup winner at a time when Californian's were first able to enter a dispensary and choose a specific strain. The even phenotypes of Indica and Sativa shine due to their unadulterated lineage, coming from dual landraces, The Brazillian Sativa and the South Indian Indica. Uplifting and happy, this is an ideal daytime s...

1/8 Oz $40
1/4 Oz $75
1/2 Oz $120
Oz $240
OG Kush OG Kush
THC: 22.53 % CBD: 0.40 %

Look, every smoker knows you need a decent daytime flower, maybe a mid to late day strain and 1-2 mega, knock-out, pain killer Indicas. Well, mark one of the later off your list! This is the real deal my friends. OG ALL DAY!. Smell, taste, 15 or so minute lag time, then, hope you have your evening in order…. Because you aren’t going anywhere. 

1/8 Oz $40
1/4 Oz $75
1/2 Oz $120
Oz $240
Frost Berry Frost Berry

A flavorful and aromatic cross of OG Kush and Blueberry, Frost Berry expresses it's Kushy heritage with sweet berry aroma and a heavy release of Kush dankness when broken apart. A high functioning Kush descendant, Frost Berry is ideal for daytime management of stress, anxiety and pain when used in moderation. 

1/8 Oz $50
1/4 Oz $95
1/2 Oz $150
Oz $300

A cross of OG and XXX, this Cannabis Cup winner is an ideal Indica. With a sweet pine and earth aroma, XXX OG provides pain management and relaxation at small doses, at moderate doses, sedation is almost immediate making this ideal for insomnia and pain relief. The heavy indica effect is also good against nausea. 

1/8 Oz $45
1/4 Oz $85
1/2 Oz $135
Oz $270
Saturn OG Saturn OG

An OG Kush Phenotype that has caused patients to blast off towards the gravitational pull of Saturn's rings. The piny and earthy aroma that this flower provides is comforting as well as soothing. If pain relief and relief from Social Anxiety are what you are searching for, look no further.

1/8 Oz $45
1/4 Oz $85
1/2 Oz $135
Oz $270


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