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Special Order - CBD Living Shatter Special Order - CBD Living Shatter
CBD: 90.00 %

CBD rich concentrate with 90% CBD and 10% terpenes. For use with vaporizer pens and e-nails.

1/2 Gram $70
Special Order - indiCreme AchillePro Hemp/Emu Foot Crème - 4 oz. Special Order - indiCreme AchillePro Hemp/Emu Foot Crème - 4 oz.

This is a special order item, please allow 2-4 days for delivery. Delivers deep penetrating, maximum strength pain relief – loosen stiff muscles and joints, and reduce pain – topical analgesic – helps those individuals suffering from the pain associated with the spectrum of medical conditions from arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis to muscle aches and pain, leg cramps – temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises,...

Single unit $80
Special Order - CBD Living Crumble Special Order - CBD Living Crumble
CBD: 50.00 %

This crumble is rich in nutrients and contains 50% CBD. It also contains full plant terpenes and contains no THC. For a great treat, add it to a hot beverage.

1/2 Gram $60


FYI CBD Gummies - 50mg FYI CBD Gummies - 50mg
CBD: 50.00 mg

You asked for more pure CBD options, without the THC. In addition to adding the entire Living CBD line to our special order menu, we are now also carrying FYI CBD Gummy Worms. Each bag contains 50 mg of THC in 10 individually infused 5mg pieces. Perfect CBD micro-dosing for all-day-long maintenance in a great tasting gummy without any of the MCT or alcohol after taste of tinctures.

Single unit $12
Liquid CBD Tincture - 24% CBD Liquid CBD Tincture - 24% CBD
CBD: 24.00 %

1 Fl OZ bottle, serving size 1/2 dropper, 40 servings per container 24% CBD, Contains NO THC/NON psychoactive, Ingredients:Blue Agave Nector

Single unit $45
Special Order - Cannabis Quencher CBD Mango (50mg CBD/50mg THC Special Order - Cannabis Quencher CBD Mango (50mg CBD/50mg THC
THC: 50.00 mg CBD: 50.00 mg

With a 1:1 ratio of 50mg CBD to 50mg THC, the message in this bottle says, “chill”. Besides lush, tropical flavor, mango is packed with an aromatic terpene called myrcene, known to enhance the effects of THC. Research indicates that CBD provides a range of therapeutic benefits and helps relieve anxiety sometimes associated with THC.

Single unit $15


Special Order - Liquid CBD 200 Pure - 1oz Special Order - Liquid CBD 200 Pure - 1oz
CBD: 200.00 mg

Liquid CBD 200 Pure - 1oz - Pure CBD and Pure olive/coconut oil.... nothing else... 200mg of CBD added... Special orders must be made in advance. Please allow 1-2-week for delivery.. Must still meet the $40+ minimum at time of special order delivery.

Single unit $150


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